There are various things today that will remain to be icons. When talking about weddings and marriage, rings made of diamond remain to be most important thing. Diamond rings are sparkling. Even when placed among other shiny and valuable metals, one can’t help but notice them. Diamond rings are a symbol of one being betrothed. Therefore, if you are planning to gift your better half soon, you need to know where to buy your diamond engagement ring and make your engagement and prove your love for them. The list below will enlighten you on the best stores to acquire your diamond engagement ring.

  1. Hello Ring

Hallo Ring is an Etsy shop that will offer you a collection of quirky diamond engagement rings at a pocket friendly rate. At the shop, buyers are treated to a variety of options rose gold engagement rings as well as diamond rings alongside stackable and matching exciting wedding rings.

  1. Clementine

Clementine is a famous online shop, with an undisputed track record for trading conflict-free diamonds. The online boutique trades on only quality jewelry at competitive rates. The shop is packed with captivating options and you may even be tempted to get your hands on the stunning earrings along with your diamond engagement ring in your shopping cart. Among other products the shop sells rose cut pear diamond ring, and also the same but with Floral band, and also the rose cut pink sapphire ring

  1. Ritani

This is also another famous jewelry shop established in 1999 and since then it has been in the business of selling diamond engagement rings to its clients. The shop was started to make its clients feel confident when buying diamond rings. The shop offers couples, an extended warranty for their purchase, lifetime cleanings as well as a guarantee for authenticity for their jewelry. Since Ritani has stores throughout the US clients are welcome for open in-store preview. Here you will find the Three-Stone Halo Diamond, the French-Set Diamond Band Engagement Ring, as well as the Diamond Star Cluster Bypass Ring.

  1. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is another global leader in selling conflict free diamond rings. The shop was founded in 2005 to restore and make jewelry as beautiful as it has never been. The best thing with buying diamond from this outlet is that they offer free shipping to their clients, either in the US, Canada, UK, or even Australia. On top of that, clients benefit from their free 30 days return on their rings, so their customers can be sure their product is the right one. The shop also offers clients a lifetime warranty and a lifetime diamond upgrade on top.